Great (and not just for The Holidays)

"These are beautiful boxes...kind of great for all year round."   
JJ Ramberg, Host



Elegant and Unusual

"Elegant, charming, unusual, distinct gifting. I appreciate not only gifts, but how you give them. This beautiful, easily assembled Boxai (a clever little box covered with beautiful images) made the love note and small gift I was giving feel very very special. Thank you!"
Jan Smith, California

Wow Factor

"If your family is anything like mine, there are a couple of individuals that are especially difficult to shop for,so they typically end up with a gift card or cash in an envelope. Neither of which expresses to them how hard I actually tried to find them a personalized gift. Plus, there is zero Wow factor in an envelope with a gift card. With a Boxai Box, there is the opportunity to really Wow someone."
Crystal Wright, CA



"What's not to like about Boxai? Wonderful alternative to a conventional greeting card. Terrific example of "up-cycling"- carefully crafted, beautiful images and the greatest gift is the look of curiosity, surprise and delight on the face of the recipient. Beauty in simplicity."
Mujiba, CA


Just Add Cash

"Loved this product. The photography is just beautiful. The box itself is a gift but I intend on adding some cash for my nephew's birthday gift. He will love this!"
Linda Kapsales



" 4 year old daughter likes it even more, it's like a magical box for her beads and jewelery, and for sorting all sorts of things. She quickly decided it would be hers rather than mine :)"  
elPadawan, Boxai photographer


Match to Personalities

"So amazing and incredibly creative! Perfect for gift boxes and versatile so you can match to personalities."
Megan Sullivan, Santa Barbara, CA


Amazingly Inventive

"The boxes are exquisite and so amazingly inventive."
Rick Fisher, Director
The Institute for Venture Philanthropy




So Many Uses 

"There are so many ways you can use these unique and beautiful boxes. I love them!"
Melissa Burch


Perfect Gift

"A beautiful little box for holding small gifts or treasures...makes a perfect gift by itself! I cannot wait to see more designs from Boxai!"
Kristine Jacquin, CA


Affordable and Cute

"Love these beautiful personalized boxes. So affordable and cute. Would buy again!"
Amanda Rivard, Kansas City, KS


Exquisite and Wild

"Ok, my mom is opening it now! She just said, 'Wow, this is amazing!' Now she just said, 'This is exquisite, it's really wild, I've never seen anything like this!' Thanks Boxai!" 
Jean Roth, FL



"They're so adorable and unique. I’m using mine for jewelery I got for a couple people for Christmas."  
Jody Cowan, GA


Boxai Magic!

"It is magical to be part of the wonder and simplicity of this delightful art object. May you, too, be so honored to give and/or receive some of the magic of Boxai!"
Kate Russell, Ojai, CA



"The Boxai are so beautiful!"
Amanda Tippit



"With the holidays coming I find it can be extremely hard to find gifts for co-workers or other adults. I never know what they would enjoy or what they already have! I like the idea of giving Boxai because they are adorable and ... you can put a trinket or candy inside."


Object of Beauty 

"I've had my box on display for over a year and haven't tired of it, it's a totally unique, easily affordable belle objet...or is it objet belle?" 
Catherine Bennett


The Possibilities are Endless

"...a deliciously fun way to deliver a gift or love note. You could put a piece of honey candy in it and leave it on a pillow. The possibilities are endless."


Great Stocking Stuffers

"Here's a way to put the element of surprise back into giving cold hard cash. Great stocking stuffers, too."
Senior Outlook Today



"I got the boxes today! They are beautiful and so creative! Thanks so much."
Pamm Larry, Chico, CA

Beauty in a Box

"It's been said that the "little things" in life are what matters and I couldn't agree more when it comes to the "little" treasure of Boxai. I like simple beauty and it takes me back to my love of origami. It's such a special and clever way to wrap little gifts, send someone a note or store your own keepsakes. The colors are vibrant and quality top notch. Boxai is definitely a new favorite!"
Tia Walker, "Living in Bliss", Santa Barbara, CA


LOVE the Idea

"I absolutely LOVE the idea of these boxes."
Lisa Bronson, Reading, PA




Super Cool

"I am impressed by the beauty that Yanagi and the Boxai team have created."
Harry, South Africa


Buy Them NOW

"These beautiful gift boxes are more than gift boxes. These are pieces of art and a gift in themselves...These boxes can be used over and over again..saving you money and the earth from waste! I even use them around the house as decorative storage for jewelery, knick knacks, tacks, safety pins,etc..I LOVE THEM!!! Buy them NOW!"
Dawn, Carpinteria, CA


Magic Unfolding

I have had the privilege of holding a Boxai in my hand and to feel the magic unfolding ... So simple and so beautiful. Treat yourself! 
Margot Diskin, Ireland


Works of Art 

"These boxes are works of art! Amazing idea."
Judi, FL


Very creative

"Hey gang.....Laurie got her Boxai this week and she LOVES it. Very creative, and she especially liked the note you put in there for me. She's been showing it off to some of her friends at work. THANK YOU so much for sending it to her. Much success in the future to you!"
J Ervin Bates, Photographer, USA


An Art Exhibition in the Palm of Your Hand

"Thanks Yanagi and the Boxai team for your original and innovative vision, I am looking forward to more Boxai becoming available."
Seana V, Ireland


Perfect for Any Occasion
"Got one for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, my parents loved them! Definitely going to repurchase in the future. Perfect for anyone and any occasion!"
Audrey Chaddick