A Boxai® is a box with a telescoping lid, measuring 3.37" x 3.31" x 1.5". It is covered in beautiful images that Photoflow™ seamlessly over every surface. That’s what makes a Boxai unique. It’s sold flat and ready to fold in a packet, measuring 5.6" x 7.4".  It comes with a Matching Blank Note Card that fits inside the Boxai, for your personal message. Boxai is the perfect size to hold a store gift card, jewelry, chocolates, essential oils, keepsakes and all those other very good things that come in small packages. 
Each individual Boxai packet includes:
  • 2 pieces of pre-scored, flat card with high quality, printed images and easy to follow instructions. Fun to fold in seconds.
  • 1 printed, blank Matching Note Card (3.3"x 3.3") 
  • 1 label (5"x 7") in case you want to mail it flat inside the packet and let the recipient have the fun of transforming it into a box
  • When folded into a box, Boxai fits perfectly into a USPS small, flat rate mailing box
    Each Boxai packet has a Haiku printed on it, which you are welcome to write into the Note Card if you wish. You might also like to write your own. 


    * For now, Amazon fulfills our individual orders so we can focus on creating more beautiful Boxai designs.
    We support main street stores and offer generous wholesale discounts through our site, boxai.trade.com 


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