A custom made Boxai is a unique and memorable way to connect with people. Beginning in 2020, we will be offering an expert design service. Minimum quantities apply. 
Please contact us to discuss your project.



Promote sales of your in-house Store Gift Card with a targeted design. 





Create a souvenir of your City, tourist attraction, venue, exhibition, or event.



Create amazing Boxai, for your team's fans. They are made in the USA. 




Offer customers a Boxai that tastefully promotes your store or establishment. 





Package your product for maximum impact and minimal financial outlay.


Raise funds for your non-profit or thank donors with a special gift.



Party planner? Photographer? Service provider? We'll get you noticed.





United by Joy create amazing posable art dolls, made from Japanese paper clay. Packaging their creations Boxai style adds a whole new dimension. 
“We love Boxai. They provide an amazing backdrop and give us another opportunity to demonstrate our creativity. They really compliment what we do.”





Ioanna Nikolareizi, an award-winning international photographer, wanted to promote her services. She asked us to help her create a Boxai that showcases her architectural and interior photography in a truly memorable way. “I realized people would be much more intrigued by a Boxai of my work, than by a letter, business card or flyer. People don’t throw away something that is beautiful and useful. I know my Boxai will create a lasting impression.”