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What is a Boxai?

What is Photoflow™?

Photoflow is a unique design innovation based on kirigami. Kirigami is a traditional Japanese paper art form that involves not only folding, but cutting. Images appear to flow seamlessly over every surface of a Boxai, both inside and out. 


How do you say Boxai?

The name Boxai, pronounced “BOX eye”, is an homage to the Japanese art form, Bonsai. Bonsai’s dwarfed trees and shrubs allow us to contemplate and enjoy the wonders of Nature, in miniature. Boxai continues this noble tradition, putting the delights of the world into the palm of your hand. 
People love them.





Artist's Statement 

“We all hunger for beauty. After decades working in fine art, I became passionate about finding an affordable way to satisfy people’s longing for it.

I set myself the challenge of producing an object that was not only beautiful, but useful. I wanted it to leave a light footprint on the world.

After years of refining my ideas, I was able to marry my love of art, photography, origami, and kirigami to create Boxai.”

Creator of Boxai









My last two pennies 
For myself, a loaf of bread 
For my soul, a lily


Where do Boxai photos come from?

They come from all over the world, thanks to the generosity of amazing photographers who freely share their work via Creative Commons. Their mission is to “maximize digital creativity, sharing, and innovation” and we fully support them. You can learn more about each of the photographers who have contributed to a particular Boxai design from the links included on the back of each Boxai Note Card as well as on our Photographers page.